Ariel Hunter – Rebel Witch

I want to start by saying…..HOLY CRAP. Where did this girl come from. I read A LOT. From alpha to beta reading to ARC reading…I even buy they occasional book. This one ranked up there as one of my favs. Obviously, if you do not want spoilers stop here and just go get it. YouContinue reading “Ariel Hunter – Rebel Witch”

Raven Dark’s Master of Mine

Holy crap this is one hot book. With having Amazon issues it took a little longer to come to your kindles. It was worth it. If you want a book full of sex, stalking, BDSM, D/s relationships and an over bearing family this book is right up your alley. She is beaten down emotionally byContinue reading “Raven Dark’s Master of Mine”

Magical Creatures Academy 5 – Next Level ~ Power Pendant by Lucia Ashta

I have been listening to Lucia Ashta’s Magical Creatures Academy 5: Power Pendant while I work lately.  If you have ever heard me talk about this series, you will know that I started with book 4 instead of 1 because it is from a different character’s side.  It was my first book by Lucia andContinue reading “Magical Creatures Academy 5 – Next Level ~ Power Pendant by Lucia Ashta”