Ariel Hunter – Rebel Witch

I want to start by saying…..HOLY CRAP. Where did this girl come from. I read A LOT. From alpha to beta reading to ARC reading…I even buy they occasional book. This one ranked up there as one of my favs.

Obviously, if you do not want spoilers stop here and just go get it. You will love it.

Now if you want to know what happens here is your chance to get the highlights.

Rebel Witch is about just what the title says. She has to take her powers by a certain age and find out what color her power is. In doing this she also has to have an arranged marriage and a ton of other things that are “tradition.” She agrees to take her powers but instead of being red, gold, green, purple…you get the picture, she is pink. White being a wild magic mixed with red.

Now, when she took her powers she made a deal to not have to get married or do any of the other crazy outdated traditions. She would take her powers and live life as a regular human. Turns out when you have wild magic, that is not how it works. She blows up a bar and puts people to sleep while growing a rose garden. Not only that but now they are making her take classes and have a Mystic (trainer) and they want to make her get married again.

Turns out her teacher and Mystic is the guy they want her to marry. Can you see the problem here. Oh, I forgot…..fiancé is smoking hot and why the hell does he want her….

I am telling you, this newbie author is worth taking your time to check out her books. I have a feeling, with the right amount of advertising, she will make it in this crazy industry!

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