Random Thoughts

Right now I am reading several books. I never thought I would be that person because I have always had problems with retention. Even when I was in elementary school and middle school, I had to have the special teachers that would have the books on tape to follow along with.

When I had kids and they got a little older…we did not have t.v. Cable was too expensive and eventually we could not watch the same 50 dvds over again. When they would get bored, I would tell them to read and the teachers always let them bring books home or we would go to the library.

As they got older, they wanted to read books that I was not sure were age appropriate. (Twilight) I decided to put there need to read above my own and made myself read Twilight. I found out that the books they made you read in school were not ones I wanted to read and that they just did not interest me. It was not that I couldn’t comprehend the writing, it’s is that I didn’t want to. The books did not interest me.

Maybe it was that I am older and things just started to click in place. Whatever the reason I love to read now. I am not only reading 1 book for fun but I am alpha reading and beta reading and ARC reading for lots of different authors.

I have found that even if you are in a certain mood, there is a book that will fit it and change you attitude. Books for me are like music can be for others. All it takes is a little fun book to take you out of your funk.

So for all of you out there that think reading in lame and too hard. Keep looking for your book that will change your mind. Need help finding it? Message me and I will help you find it.

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