Eden O’Neill – Kingpin

I found Eden when she published her first book, They the Pretty Stars. Let me tell you, I see a lot of book covers every day but, for some reason, hers made me stop and look and read about it. I fell in love with this cover. So, me being me, I reached out to her and said: “hey, I am totally not a psycho but I love your cover and want to help out any way I can.”

Now, I am not one that will will say ‘hey, I think you need me in your life’ but, lucky for me, she does and we have been friends ever since so yay me. She is amazing and once I read the book, I knew I had made the right decision. Her series was amazing and now I am reading the spin off book, Kingpin. It has not disappointed either.

These guys are headstrong with money and power. Well kinda. LJ had to work for what he has but he has had the help of his friends to back him up. Now they tend to go about things like a bull and deny there feelings a little too much and trust out siders even more.

Falling in love never was what they were looking for but, one by one, they fell. Unfortunately, I am only half-way done with this book but it is coming out Aug 3 and the paperback is already out, so I wanted you know know that you really need to get it.

If I didn’t have a headache going to bed last night I would have probably stayed up to finish it. All of her books are that way.

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