Raven Dark’s Master of Mine

Holy crap this is one hot book. With having Amazon issues it took a little longer to come to your kindles. It was worth it.

If you want a book full of sex, stalking, BDSM, D/s relationships and an over bearing family this book is right up your alley.

She is beaten down emotionally by her family. Her father is strict military and her brothers are over bearing. They basically think without a man she will amount to nothing.

She starts being stalked and her cop brother says she is imaging it. She takes matters into her own hands. Learns to protect herself. Then learns she might have kinks that her family would never approve of.

Said stalker follows her and thinks she is now unclean by her kinks that he somehow sees her doing. Needless to say he goes a little more crazy.

She learns to love herself and stand up for herself and you totally see the growth through out the book. Over all it was a great story and if you like darker hot reads, I would totally recommend.

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