Colleen Hoover’s Heart Bones

I know this is only a blog for indie authors and to be honest I am not sure if Colleen Hoover is signed or not. Either way I LOVE HER WORK!!! and it is my blog so I will add her if I want. lol This and every story she has written has made meContinue reading “Colleen Hoover’s Heart Bones”

Raven Dark’s Master of Mine

Holy crap this is one hot book. With having Amazon issues it took a little longer to come to your kindles. It was worth it. If you want a book full of sex, stalking, BDSM, D/s relationships and an over bearing family this book is right up your alley. She is beaten down emotionally byContinue reading “Raven Dark’s Master of Mine”

Mia Harlan’s Amber

While working with my authors, I am constantly looking at the competition and seeing how others do things and how it works for them. One author that caught my eye was Mia Harlan. Ok maybe she didn’t but her book cover sure did. I mean who puts a granny on a reverse harem book cover.Continue reading “Mia Harlan’s Amber”