Colleen Hoover’s Heart Bones

I know this is only a blog for indie authors and to be honest I am not sure if Colleen Hoover is signed or not. Either way I LOVE HER WORK!!! and it is my blog so I will add her if I want. lol

This and every story she has written has made me cry. They are so emotional and you can get every visual you need. You feel for her characters as if you know them personally.

Heart Bones is about a girl that was raised in a trailer park by an addict mom. With a very unfortunate turn of events she ends up living with her dad before she goes off to college. During the summer she falls in love with a guy no one really knows much about but she can see in his eyes that he is just as damaged as he is.

She fights for him like no one else even though he will not talk about his past. He will tell her everything at the end of the summer so nothing can ruin the time they have together. Unfortunately, time has run out and now she has to make a decision to stay and fight for him or go to college. He gives her no choice and after 4 years she is back to bring home the love of her life.

My review will never do her books justice. So just trust me and go read them!! This one is on Kindle Unlimited but you never know when it will not be so read it now!

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