Raven Dark’s Spider Series

This series is defiantly an interesting one. It is dark, gritty and super crazy hot!!!

This girl was part of a cult growing up and when she finally escapes, she works as at a biker owned strip club as a waitress. She thinks the cult has found her so she steals the tip jar and tries to run, when she literally runs into Spider. He decides to keep her and punish her for stealing from the MC and in the mean time becomes obsessed with her.

She thinks she is doing thing right when she finally realizes that MC life is not what she thinks. In the mean time he is using her for sex and she is finding out that the cult was both right and wrong about the outside world.

If you have triggers….do not read this book. It will have your trigger in it.

Do not get me wrong. It is a hot story and I can not wait to see how he redeems himself after the cliffhanger that was left in book 2.

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