Magical Creatures Academy 5 – Next Level ~ Power Pendant by Lucia Ashta

I have been listening to Lucia Ashta’s Magical Creatures Academy 5: Power Pendant while I work lately. 

If you have ever heard me talk about this series, you will know that I started with book 4 instead of 1 because it is from a different character’s side.  It was my first book by Lucia and I fell in love with Why.  What/who is Why? He is the lovable pandacorn with a neon mohawk and loves to eat cupcakes. 

The story is about Jas who is snarky and puts on a necklace that her summertime fling left behind.  Guess what that necklace was a magical object with a ton of power, and she cannot take it off.  When she got to school the pendant stole the power of another student to give to Jas and she can’t even use the power without it draining her own power. 

Needless to say, all hell breaks loose, and people want to pendant for themselves. 

This book series is full of fun and drama.  What more could you want?  It will definitely keep you entertained, and you will want to know what happens next!!! Good thing she is writing the last book in the series now.  I do not want to have to wait long for it. 

If you decide to read this book I would start from the beginning or at least with book 4.  Books 1-3 are about Rina and her fight to be with her guy while learning all about her powers but that is a review for another day.

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