RJ Blain is a bad ass!!

I have recently started working with RJ Blain. You all know her as a huge PNR author and let me tell you her brain is crazy. I love her to death. She not only is very talented but does it all with many health issues.

Working with her I just do background stuff like market research or getting her organized so I did not need to read her books to do the job. I have started listening to her audio books while I work on 12 hours of market research. (she takes it very seriously) I feel in love with Playing with Fire. I loved it so much that my daughter is now listening to it and she had never been able to make it through one audiobook in her life.

First off the narrator is AMAZING…she does the characters so much justice. Then the story itself cracks me up. You really have no idea what RJ will have them doing next.

Now I am not listening to Huffin’ It. I will let you know how it is when I am done! Go check out her stuff if you have not already you will not be dissapointed!

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