New Series Alert

Carissa Andrews has finally gotten book one of the Windhaven Witches on your kindle!!! If you have not read it or gotten it then you must do so now. Go ahead I will wait for you to go and get it. Also NOW it is on Kindle Unlimited as well. For the longest time it was wide and on every platform you could get it. Now you can get it with your KU membership.

Not only that but it is less than 2 weeks till book 2 (Soul Legacy) comes out. Get caught up and be ready. You will not want to miss this crazy new segment of the story.

Just so you know too. I go live with Carissa every Sunday at 7 PM CST. Come and hang out with us. I even give away free ebooks each week. All you have to go is come by and say hi and you are in the drawing. Go to to hang out and ask questions!

Guess what else we did for this release? Who does not love a good book trailer? This one even has live acting in it!

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